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Per Inquiry Advertising Lead Generation Process

Per Inquiry Advertising Lead Generation Process

Target + Response ensures the success of radio Per Inquiry (P.I.) advertising through a strategic approach. All campaigns start with a limited test, ensuring beneficial outcomes for both the advertiser and media. Their action-oriented, benefit-centric ads capitalize on the strength of local radio and prove their brand-conscious creative effectiveness. With strong relationships within the radio community since 1987, many top networks work exclusively with Target + Response. To analyze marketing performance, a proprietary database program is utilized, providing automated tracking and in-depth reports on lead flow. Target + Response thus ensures efficient advertising program management with direct response strategy and comprehensive analysis.

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Our Radio Per-Inquiry Advertising Generates Sales Leads Risk-Free

Our Radio Per-Inquiry Advertising Generates Sales Leads Risk-Free

Target + Response revolutionizes radio advertising by specializing in per-inquiry advertising, making it highly cost-effective for direct marketers. Advertisers only pay for the number of sales leads generated, regardless of ad air frequency. This model often results in significantly discounted media costs, commonly offering over 80% off typical radio station rates, while providing high reach and frequency levels, potentially delivering over 25 million gross impressions weekly. Beyond direct sales leads, this exposure elevates brand awareness and boosts other marketing efforts. Leveraging established media relationships, Target + Response maximizes unsold airtime, offering advertisers risk-free, turn-key sales leads all year round.

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Radio Waves: You Cannot Measure Broadcast Media by Phone

Radio Waves: You Cannot Measure Broadcast Media by Phone

The evolving media landscape necessitates new metrics for measuring advertising impact beyond traditional methods, like toll-free call counts. With increasing overlap between broadcast media and online channels, it’s vital to account for all responses, even those unmeasurable. A study showed a correlation between call volume and company name searches, indicating broadcast media’s effect on online behavior. Thus, businesses should attribute some online leads to broadcast channels driving them. A suggested approach involves isolated market tests, examining company name search changes. Such results should then inform media buying, considering all responses, measurable or not.

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  1. Obtain the lowest rates for terrestrial radio advertising.
  2. Save up to 90% off rate card costs.
  3. Advertise on a cost per-inquiry or call basis.
  4. Reach a tailored audience through streaming radio.
  5. Access to 30 million+ podcast episodes.
  6. Engage with highly attentive podcast listeners.
  7. Use predictive modeling and retargeting on satellite radio.
  8. Ensure clear, uninterrupted satellite radio signals.
  9. Advertise in targeted print verticals.
  10. Maximize exposure through digital opportunities like, Dex.

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