How We Make Radio Per Inquiry Advertising Successful:

We Test First!
All of our radio Per Inquiry (P.I.) advertising programs begin as a limited test to make sure the results are mutually desirable to both the lead generation advertiser and the media. Target + Response can then roll-out a P. I. advertising program very quickly to radio stations, networks and syndicators nationally or within your defined sales geography.

Our Lead Generation Ads are Action-Oriented
Target + Response values the quality and character of local radio and develops benefit-oriented lead generation commercials that capitalize on its strengths. Time and time again, we get results and prove the effectiveness of our brand-conscious radio creative.

We Have a Strong Franchise with the Radio Media Community
Since 1987, Target + Response has been cultivating P I advertising relationships with the best radio stations and networks in the country. We have a franchise with the radio community that is unparalleled by any other direct response advertising agency. Many top radio stations and networks work exclusively with Target + Response for P I advertising.

We Provide Proprietary Tracking and Analysis
Target + Response has developed a customized database program to analyze and report lead generation marketing performance. Our systems automate tracking of our clients’ lead flow and provide the following reports:

Sales Office reports customized to an advertiser’s territory

  • Lead generation summary by radio market
  • Lead generation advertising report by week
  • Lead generation summary by day of week
  • Lead generation summary by hour
  • Lead generation advertising report by radio format
  • Various combinations of the above and others

 Whether you are a client-advertiser or a media partner, Target + Response can provide direct response strategy, lead generation marketing analysis and reports that help you manage your advertising program efficiently.