Target + Response pay per lead programs make radio advertising cost effective for direct marketers. Understand the benefits and limitations of what pay per lead radio advertising can — and cannot — do:

Pay Per Lead Radio Advertising Can:

    • Make radio advertising cost effective for generating sales leads
      Few direct marketers have been able to make radio advertising cost effective through traditional negotiated buys. However, Target + Response can reach your target audience for as little as 20% of the radio advertising costs paid by major advertisers.
    • Drive inquiries at a fixed advertising cost per lead
      Regardless of the number of spots that air, you only pay per lead for the inquiries generated.
    • Deliver more spots than the average cash schedule
      Although the average radio advertiser buys between 12 and 18 spots per station per week, Target + Response clients often receive pay per lead schedules that are double or triple that amount
    • Provide unparalleled exposure at a fraction of the cost
      Our pay-per-lead programs deliver at least three to five times more gross impressions and rating points than typical radio schedules.    Our clients reach more radio markets than they could afford through traditional radio buys.
    • Produce higher quality leads than other mass media sources   
      Responses from radio are not as impulsive as those from other direct response media. Listeners must make a concerted effort to respond to a radio commercial. Radio leads are therefore of high quality, with above-average conversion rates.Provide incremental lead flow that is complementary to other advertising efforts
      Pay-per-lead radio advertising is like “the icing on the cake.

Pay Per Lead Radio Advertising Cannot: 

    • Coexist with traditional cash buys
      Radio stations will not air pay per lead schedules and cash schedules for the same product. Once a cash schedule relationship has begun, stations will not return to a pay per lead program for that product.
    • Generate the volume of leads that many other mass media can provide
      Pay per lead radio advertising generally represents between 5-15% of a national marketer’s total lead flow.
    • Guarantee consistent schedules and lead flow
      Available radio airtime fluctuates throughout the year. Certain seasons are more beneficial for pay per lead radio advertising than others. Results can never be guaranteed and can only be projected to a limited extent.
    • Be successful unless your radio media partners are satisfied
      Stations must perceive a sense of value with a pay-per-lead campaign or they won’t be interested in running it. They will participate more freely and frequently if an attractive pay-per-lead fee is establishe